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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  September 17, 2010 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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make it a great weekend. that's it for this "special report." fair, balanced, and unafraid. >> shepard: an american couple charged with trying to sell nuclear secrets to venezuela. plus, she said somebody threw acid in her face. then admitted she actually attacked herself. now her family speaks out. i'm shepard smith. this is fox news. >> bethany storo told everybody about the mysterious attacker. >> a woman took the substance and threw it in her face. >> she held a dramatic hospital news conference. >> i could actually hear it bubbling and sizzling my skin. >> ms. storo admitted her injuries were self-inflicted. >> she is extremely upset. she is very remorseful. >> shepard: but that may not be good enough. tonight, the price she could pay
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and the question. why would anybody do this? two air carriers now agreeing to form the biggest airline on the planet. but will fewer companies mean higher prices tonight what to expect in the airlines takes to the skies. antiterrorism forces make arrests after a threats to the pope's safety. now new developments in a growing investigation. but first from fox this friday night, they had access to some of america's most important nuclear secrets. now prosecutors say this couple tried to sell those secrets to another country. the announcement came down this afternoon. prosecutors accused this man, a scientist who used to work at los alamos national laboratory of trying to help venezuela build a nuclear bomb. the feds also arrested his wife who we're told worked at the
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same facility. losslos alamos during mexico waa secret hub for secret project to build the united states first atomic bomb. the main job is keeping nuclear arsenal safe, reliable, and secure. prosecutors say the suspect security clearance gave them access to the lab's restricted data. catherine herridge on fox top story live tonight in washington. i understand this was a pretty elaborate sting operation it? >> was, shep, according to the 28 page diviment. the couple and his wife both u.s. citizens were dealing with an undercover fbi agent. they thought they were dealing with a government official from venezuela. they met multiple times beginning in march of 2008 up through july of 2009. at one point the couple provided a 132 page document of restricted data that was information on how to design, manufacture, or use atomic weapons. in return, they asked for nearly hundred thousand dollars, shep. >> shepard: it seems this man
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has been on the radar of the government for a long time. >> well, he has, shep. after the fbi searched his home in new mexico last year. the doctor spoke to the fox affiliate there. he claimed to have broken no laws because all of the information he gave the undercover agent, who was posing as a government official from venezuela could apparently be found on the web and elsewhere. >> you have to prove that these are real secrets that i was telling the united states national security by giving this information to venezuela. that's what they would have to prove. >> and, again, you say they was not secret? >> nothing was secret. everything there was unclassified. >> as for motives, there are two scenarios tonight there has been significant tension between the doctor and the management at los alamos that really goes back to the late 1980s when he complained about the way federal funding was given out and then just plain old greed in this case, shep. >> shepard: catherine herridge live in washington, catherine,
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thanks. now what cops are calling a possible terror plot targeting the pope. police say they got a tip last night and today arrested six suspects. we're told five of them are street cleaners who work in central london near westminster abby where the pope held a prayer service today. police say they arrested the sixth suspect a few hours later. they are not releasing very many details at all about him or the supposed threat to the pope. let's get details from the fox report's chief correspondent john hand hunt from new york tonight. what do we know about the suspects. >> the facts are few and far between, shep. they are that all six men are age between 26 and 50. they all worked for a street cleaning company and had they begun their shift in the early hours of this morning, they would have been working on streets close to where the pope spent much of today. beyond that, we have very few facts indeed there are reports that all of them are of north friend dissent. some reports that at least some of them are algerian. but that is not confirmed by
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police in london at this point, shep. >> shepard: jonathan, hutch in the way of physical evidence that we know about. >> very little. police have been searching the work place of these men and their homes all day. but they come up with very little evidence. there is also one report coming out tonight, shep, that the arrests of these men was not prompted by any undercover work by mi 5 the british equivalent of fbi or any counter terrorism officials it was simply based on an overheard conversation that suggested suspicious activity and was then reported to the police. i should caution that report coming out of the guardian newspaper not known for its sympathy to the london police but it does reflect some concerns and cautions reported by our own correspondent who works for our sister network sky news this may have been police having little time and feeling they have to act but not yet coming up with evidence of a actual plot. >> whatever it was they must have thought they had a handle on it because the pope's
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schedule is not changing, right? >> that would seem to reflect the lack of concern of any real threat here. a vatican spokesman today saying they had absolutely no concerns at all. listen. >> you can say that we are confident in the work of the police of scotland yard and then we have no particular preoccupation that the police has already said that the formation that have until now collected demonstrated there is no need to change anything about the problem -- >> the police obviously will come in for some criticism today, shep, and in the coming days if these men, indeed, turn out to be innocent. their defense will be that the pope had to be protected. they had very little time to act. and they felt he they had no che but to make these arrests, shep. >> shepard: jonathan hunt live in new york tonight. john, thanks. a fox weather center now parts in mexico an absolute mess as
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fox reports tonight. the island of bermuda is preparing for one as a cup couple of hurricanes keep churning near the united states. hurricane karl forcing mexico call authorities to shut down only nuclear power plant and few oil platforms to boot. officials in a number of cities there preparing for flash floods as the storm moves toward the center of the country. then there are the other two. forecasters confirm that hurricane igor is very powerful and potentially destructive hurricane headed right for the island of bermuda. officials there preparing for the onslaught. our senior correspondent rick leventhal streaming live from south bermuda near the capital of hamilton. rick? >> shepard, almost every forecast model shows igor on a collision course with this island which is only 21 miles long and a mile wide but has 65,000 residents making it one of the most densely populated places on earth. they have been very lucky with hurricanes over the years and this year as well dodging a couple big ones, but it does not
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look like they are going to dodge this one. locals clearly taking it seriously. we have seen a number of them boarding up businesses including down on front street and hamilton and buying stacks of plywood and other supplies at the gorham's home center. they have been busy selling all sorts of things, including candles, flashlights, batteries and other essentials. >> we got bungee cords to tie down the tarp, we lose any of the roof, ceilings that sort of stuff. >> i have flashlights for home because i thought of home last. i have some ropes and things in the car for my team. i just want to make sure that everybody is well prepared. >> meanwhile, hotel bookings are off 50% a lot the tourists canceling trips here because of the approaching storm and a lot more getting off the island early on a cruise ship today and extra flights added yesterday and today. but tomorrow morning probably the last chance to get off the island because tropical storm
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force winds are expected saturday night and hurricane force winds by sunday night. we could in for an extended battering from this slow-moving monster. shep? >> shepard: rick leventhal riding it out for us over the weekend. rick, thanks. you and your crew. word today of a deadly shooting near the united states capitol building. just ahead, the showdown that left one man bleeding on the ground and forced officers to put the entire capitol complex on lockdown. plus, there is new information now about the woman who police say lied about an acid attack. i mean, would you look at her? tonight, her family is speaking out and we'll also see how police figured out her story was one big fat lie. so what do you do to her now? from the journalists of fox news, this is the fox report. ñy
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>> shepard: the parents of the woman now known as the acid attack victim reacted just a few moments ago that their daughter wasn't attacked at all but threw acid on her own face.
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cops say she confessed to setting up this elaborate lie and doing it to herself. parents spoke to reporters in front of their home and said they had no idea their daughter was so troubled. >> there were no signs and, you know, we really don't know why at this point. she is obviously dealing with some deep, internal, emotional and psychological problems that we had no knowledge of. and we hope that she will get the help that she needs. we're going to be there for her. she has got a long road ahead of her, but she is on the road and we're going to walk it with her. >> shepard: bethany storo drew global sympathy and held a news conference at the hospital in which she talked about her attacker a police she described to police as a black woman who wore her hair in a ponytail. >> >> shepard: that would be a miracle because that woman doesn't exist. now investigators say they are
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getting ready to hand the case over to prosecutors and they will decide whether to file charges. dan springer with the news live in our pacific northwest bureau tonight. dan? >> yeah, shep. when the cops finally confronted bethany storo and said point blank we don't believe your story. she broke down and admitted it was all just a twisted lie. what we are not hearing from the police that they do know is why she did it. >> she is extremely upset. she is very remorseful. in many ways it's something that got bigger than what she expected. >> the story didn't add up. no witnesses, wearing sunglasses at night and burns inconsistent with getting splashed. and just like that, 28-year-old bethany storro went from sympathetic victim facebook page urging hugs to followers calling for jail time. before shocking events were held fundraisers one at the health club and another at the grocery
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store where she works asking for donations to help her with medical bills. just a few days after surgery in which burned skin was appealed off her face, storro held a hospital news conference railing at what we now know was a made up attacker. >> >> i can't let what she did to me wreck my life, you know? that's not fair. i can't like not do the things i love to do. and let it wreck my life. >> the fundraisers netted several thousand dollars. much of it cash doxes with no way of givings it back. prosecutors are waiting for the flois present the case. most likely next week. among the possible charges, filing a false police report and, perhaps, felony theft by deception. the city could also try to recoup the cost of the investigation, which ran into the hundreds of man hours. meantime, a real acid attack victim in mesa, arizona, dara, valardi. they believe her personal
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vendetta made to look like a copy cat. now in that apology from bethany storro's parents we heard them say they will return all of the money that was donated. the problem is some of it was given at the checkout line at the grocery store where bethany worked. shep? >> shepard: dan springer live this afternoon in seattle. thank you. prosecutors say they do plan to file new charges against the man accused of a serial stabbing rampage that stretched across three states. elias abuelazam so far faces one count of attempted murder in the state of michigan. investigators there and in ohio and virginia say he may be connected to 19 attacks or i should say 18 attacks all together including five in which the victims died. there is no word tonight on what the new charges will include, but the suspect's defense lawyer says he expects at least one murder charge. investigators caught the man last month while he was reportedly trying to get on a plane to israel. capitol hill police opened fire
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on a man who they say pointed a gun at them early this morning. happened just blocks from the u.s. capitol building they tell us, 5:00 this morning. >> capitol police officers heard a lookout that was broadcast over the u.s. capitol police radio for a man with a gun. at second and fee street in the southwest a man brandishing the victim matched the exact lookout. the officers fired, fearing for their lives. >> shepard: police say the man was pointing a loaded gun at them when they opened fire. they dropped the suspect but no word on how seriously he is injured or why he pulled the gun in the first place. police say just as a precaution they locked down the u.s. capitol complex for a short time. the right to vote versus the threat of death. tonight, folks all across afghanistan are facing a terrible choice. plus, the helicopter had a pilot. but the car it was following did not have a driver. so why did things end up like
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>> shepard: just couple of hours now until afghans can head to the polls since the first fraud filled presidential elections. afghan security officials working to secure polling sites or trying to. but militants have already killed almost two dozen people and kidnapped more than a dozen others. regardless, the afghan president harmid karzai is urging people to go to the polls in the face of the taliban threats. >> we must expect that there will be irregularities that
7:22 pm
there will be problems that there will be allegations as well. we should try to do our best under the current circumstances. >> shepard: u.s. officials watching these as a test of the afghan government's commitment to rooting out corruption. conor powell streaming live from kabul, afghanistan tonight. connor? >> shepard, voting here begins at :00 a.m. local time and just about two or two and a half or so hours. already we can heart sounds of rockets landing here in kabul just a few minutes ago we heard the first sounds of rockets landing here. just not too far away from the nato headquarters, the u.s. command headquarters. now the taliban have vowed to disrupt to try to disrail this election. we are expecting a full day of violence across the country it will be a big test of this new u.s. strategy finding out just how strong this fledging afghan forces are. whether or not they can deal with the on slot of attacks that the taliban has been promising over the texas 24 hours or so. it will also be a test of the
7:23 pm
afghan government, how serious they are at rooting out corruption. last year's presidential election was riddled with corruption and ballot stuffing. this will be a big test to see if the afghan government is speaking sticking to the pledge to try to reduce corruption. the taliban are promising to disrail and disrupt this election. many parts of the country, especially the south in helmand and kandahar the violence is so strong that many polling centers and election centers simply will not open. the u.s. and afghan forces have tried to open many polling centers but around a thousand or so across the country will simply remain closed. now, u.s. officials have been down playing, trying to lower expectations about this election. simple play saying that afghanistan is a country at war there is a large insurgency and it doesn't have a long history of elections. this isn't switzerland but still u.s. officials are hopeful that this election will show some progress that there will be a reduction of both crime, violence, and corruption. that will be the big test here,
7:24 pm
shepard, is whether or not this election is an improvement on last year that will say a lot about the current u.s. strategy if it is, shepard? >> shepard: conor powell live this election morning. thank you. here at home jesse jackson jr.'s name came up a lot during the former trial of illinois governor rod blagojevich. now the congressman is defending himself after months of silence as he reportedly considers a run for mayor of chicago. prosecutors say jesse jackson jr. attended a meeting in which a businessman offered to raise a million dollars for our blago's campaign. if the governor picked jackson to fill president obama's then open senate seat. prosecutors accused blago of trying to sell or trade that appointment along with -- although the jury came back deadlocked. today, jackson jr. said he was not aware of that fundraising pledge and, quote:
7:25 pm
>> our blago's retrial begins in january and could be going on during the campaign for chicago mayor two major airlines are now trying to create the biggest of them all in all the world. they are well on their way today. what would that mean for passengers and prices? that's the top story at the bottom of the hour. and a new report on what's in our bank accounts? are americans getting back any of the money that we lost in the great recession? that's coming up. bottom of the hour headlines just ahead. ♪ [ male announcer ] every siness day, bank of america lends billions of dollars, schools, organizations and businesses. ♪ working to set opportunity in motion.
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>> how is the beard? >> in what way? >> is it comfortable? is it itchy? are you pleased with it? >> [inaudible] feel weird about it. >> shepard: we all kind of felt weird about it the joke was on us. the actor wall keen phoenix did not lose his mind. what and to be a documentary and beard growth is what many critics suspected all along a big hoax. actor who directed this movie i'm not there is not calling it that. ben's baby brother says and i quote: we'll see. another chance at redemption for one michael vick. sunday the star is expected to make first start as quarterback since he went to prison on
7:30 pm
dogfighting charges three years ago. that's the word today from the philadelphia eagles coach andy reid. the q.b. replacing the starter kevin cowboy who is out with -- cobb who is out with a con cetion. start for the falcons when he was one of the most popular players in the nfl. he spent most of the 2007 and 2008 seasons in the pen before signing with the eagles as a backup. i'm shepard smith. this is "the fox report." it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. shareholders of united and continental airlines voted to combine their operations and in the process create the world's biggest airline. and it's the top story at the bottom of the hour with trace gallagher on it from our west coast news hub. how does this work? >> well, shep, the deal could be finalized by october 1st it could take 1 months to three years to actually fully merge. remember, you have to bring things together like two massive reservation systems.
7:31 pm
87,000 high ofly unionized employees. and you have to paint 693 airplanes, which, by the way the united name will stay on the plane. the continental logo will be on the tail section of the plane. the headquarters will stay in chicago, which is united hometown but the ceo will come from continental. jeff will run the company when all is said and done, the airline will carry 144 million passengers per year and the new slogan is, let's fly together. >> shepard: this could change a lot of things for us passengers. could impact where we fly and i guess in the end how much money we pay to get there. >> exactly, even united says that things are going to stay the same. you will have just as many choices and the fairs will be competitive but the experts say that's very unlikely. they say because the airlines will have overlap, that a lot of flights will simply be taken out of their routes. they will be cancelled all together. and because the fact is you have
7:32 pm
got one major competitor being taken out of the marketplace, which is conned negligence, that means the fares will likely rise a little bit. even though right now united and continental only compete head to head on about 14 different flights in the united states. but right now dozens of passengers in san francisco are filing a lawsuit. they want to stop this merger exactly because they believe that fares will go up and choices will go down. >> shepard: just like what happened with delta northwest. trace gallagher in los angeles. thanks. americans have less money to spend on plane tickets or anything else than they did a year ago. the feds say our net worth has dropped for the first time since early 2009. net worth, of course, the assets like your home and your bank accounts. minus debt like mortgages and credit cards. and it fell almost 3% last quarter to $53 trillion. that's according to a report from the federal reserve. experts blame plunging stock volumes since americans have about 20% of their investments
7:33 pm
in the markets. after a long wait and a lot of setbacks. bp officials say that tomorrow crews will finish the permanent plug on b.p.'s busted oil well in the gulf of mexico. this comes five months after the deadly rig explosion that killed 11 men and set off the worst offshore oil spill in american history. the government's point man on the spill government thad allen says the relief well has intersected the blown out well and bp says workers started pumping in the final shot of cement. kris gutierrez live tonight in new orleans. we heard during "studio b" today that that work had begun. >> yeah, shepard. some would say this procedure is nothing more than really just a formality. it's an important one, and here is why. admiral thad allen won't consider this well dead until it is sealed both the top and the bottom. remember they successfully plugged the well from the top in july. no new oil has leaked in the
7:34 pm
gulf until july. >> shepard: that's not to say there isn't a lot of oil out there. there is. >> there is a lot of oil out there. the best way to show that is to revisit an area we have been before. somewhere we have been in the past. three months ago during your program "studio b" we were at grand isle state park. here is what we saw. watch here. >> during high tide, look what it brushed in this morning. this is all oil. you can see how thick it is. it is almost like chocolate syrup at this hour. >> that was june 11th, shepard. here is that what same park looks like today. you won't find pools of oil on the beach but we definitely found plenty of oil. the problem is waves continue to push fresh sand up and over that oil, just masking the problem. the park manager worries this oil will become out of sight, out of mind, at least on the government's radar. listen here. >> that's really one of my biggest fears. i am assured though that that is not going to be the case. so right now it's just a wait and see, make sure that they do it, stay on top of it, and make
7:35 pm
sure that the park does fully get cleaned up. >> and the government plans to hold bp accountable for cleaning up that oil, shep. >> shepard: kris gutierrez live tonight in new orleans. thank you. a helicopter crash injuring four people in colorado during filming of an audi test drive it went down about a mile of the summit of pike's peek which rises 14,000 feet above sea level. the local sheriff's office reports the crash critically injured the pilot though the other three will likely survive they tell us. a spokesman for the german maker audi says the helicopter crew was filming a test run for a driverless car that they call shelly. audi and stanford university teamed up to develop this thing which relies on a series of computers and g.p.s. censors. the man second in line to the british throne now a certified search and rescue helicopter pilot. out top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds. united kingdom.
7:36 pm
>> lt. william whales. >> shepard: prince william graduating from the search and rescue program. the 28-year-old spent seven months in training. the prince today also performing a rescue drill with an instructor. he is set to fly c king helicopters with the unit west of london. we alanca. three containers filled with explosives detonating. that blast killing 25 people and flattening the station. government officials call it an accident. a spokesman says the military stored the explosives at the station for safety reasons and they were meant for road construction. thailand. hundreds of so-called red shirt protesters gathering at prisons in bangkok to show their support for jailed colleagues. you may remember this group claims the government was illegitimate. dozens of people died before the army shut down the demonstrations. colombia. that parrot just said run, run,
7:37 pm
you are going to get caught in spanish. police just seized the bird in a sea port city in the north. authorities say drug traffickers trained the parrot to act as a lookout. those authorities say they have seized nearly 1700 such watch birds and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. new details now about yesterday's shootings at johns hopkins hospital. investigators have been trying to figure out why a man shot a doctor then killed his mother and himself. next, the gunman's brother tries to find the answer. and joran van der sloot accused of one murder, suspected of another, and sitting in one of the world's most notorious priches. and all of a sudden, who walks in to say hello? surprise. that's next. for strong bones, i take calcium.
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that's a live look at a huge fire in the suburbs of phoenix as it turns out, i'm told hay is burning there. and that's about all i'm told. but how many details do you need about a hay fire, really? fire crews tell us some bales of hay caught fire and quickly spread. now. this firefighters say two or three of those open structures are burning with no reported injuries. but as you can see for the moment, they appear to have it contained. over the past several years, terror groups have managed to attack united nations offices around the world. now there is concern the u.n. headquarters here in manhattan may also be at risk. scores of world leaders will be in town next week for the u.n.'s general assembly. but no, officials say the u.n. is ignoring their security recommendations. david lee miller with the news. is he live outside of u.n. headquarters on the east side of manhattan, hello, david lee. >> hi, shepard, you know, it's not quite the proverbial sitting duck but experts say the's new york headquarters is in desperate need of a security overhaul. just about everyone we talked
7:42 pm
with said that the security here must be beefed up. the problem, there is no con ken us is on how to do it. >> new york city officials including the mayor and police commissioner are worried about a possible terror attack at the u.n. despite a massive $1.8 billion renovation now underway, a spokesman for the city told fox, well, city officials declined to speak on camera. the former head of the nypd criminal intelligence section assess the build's risk. >> the greatest concern is going to be some type of vehicle bomb or truck bomb that would be brought over to the u.n. >> among the city's greatest concerns a highway exit ramp only yards away from the u.n. complex. and a highway directly beneath the compound that is shut down during the visit of high profile world leaders. the head of u.n. security says
7:43 pm
all the city's issues are being addressed but adds because the u.n. is an international organization, it can't be compelled to comply with the city's demands. >> i don't think it's the city's call to determine what the united nations is going to do to its facilities. >> the u.s. state department, which is also taking part in talks to beef up u.n. security says the effort is especially difficult because the structure is almost 60 years old. the bottom line here experts say it is impossible to make the u.n. 100% safe. authorities say what must be accomplished here is that the level of security must be raised to not only protect against terror attacks but to deter them as well. shepard? >> shepard: david lee miller outside the u.n. david lee, thanks. fox news is america's election headquarters. and today conservatives of all stripes gathering in d.c. for the fifth annual value voter summit. the event is something of a,
7:44 pm
well, i don't know, coming out party for the latest darling of the tea party movement. the delaware republican senate candidate christine o'donnell. as you know, christine o'donnell just scored a huge upset in the primaries and with the mid-term election just six weeks away she came out swinging. >> they are trying to marginalize us and put news a box. they are saying we are trying to take over this party or that campaign. they don't get it. we're not trying to take back our country. we are our country. [cheers and applause] >> shepard: christine o'donnell just one of several speakers getting cheers from the crowd. among them the south carolina republican senator jim demint. as you may know senator demint has apparently upset some folks in the republican base for suggesting the party needed a breath of fresh air. and today he kept the ball rolling. >> it's been a rough week here in washington. some of our establishment friends are not real happy with me or you i think we are in good
7:45 pm
company today. >> shepard: it we mains to be seen whether conservatives with turn rhetoric into votes this coming november. there is a familiar faces a we look live at the summit right now. sean hannity, the headliner and if you would like to watch sean and the rest of the evening's -- well, festivities, you can do so. we're streaming it live right now at meanwhile vice president biden today in his home state of delaware to campaign for senate hopeful and fellow democrat chris coons. he is running against christine o'donnell for the vice president's old senate seat. this weekend on sunday chris wallace welcomes christine o'donnell as well as fox news contributor karl rove. and you probably seen what's going down here over recent days. should be an interesting program this weekend, this sunday on "fox news sunday" on your local fox broadcast station. check your local listings. yesterday's standoff and fatal shootings at johns hopkins hospital may have happened because a man didn't want to see his mother suffer. that is what they are calling
7:46 pm
the best guess from the brother of the man who police say was responsible for it all. >> he was real close to my mom, also. i guess he thought that she was suffering a lot and that she wasn't going to be able to walk again and to be herself again. >> shepard: and now she is dead. police say paul partis killed her in the hospital bed and killed himself after a two hour stand off with cops. investigators say partis also shot dr. david cohen. the doctor is expected to survive. joran van der sloot getting surprise visitor in prison. the mother of natalee holloway who disappeared in aruba five years ago. van der sloot is the main suspect in the case but prosecutors never charged him. an attorney for natalee holloway's mother says that natalee holloway's mom sneaked into prison, one of the most notorious prisons in all the world to confront joran van der sloot. we're told she didn't have clearance to speak with him but did anyway. although he didn't comment on
7:47 pm
her daughter's disappearance, she tells us. he faces murder charges in another case as well as extortion charges here in the united states. the feds say he tried to get money from the holloway family in exchange for telling them where natalee holloway's remains are hidden. whether he really knows or not doesn't really matter. it's one way to avoid a confirmation battle. president obama changed the job description. we'll explain how that worked out. plus, you can use it to read a book or a newspaper or a magazine, but should you drive a vehicle at the same time the bus driver caught on video. that's next.
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7:50 pm
>> shepard: president obama blasting g.o.p. leaders for opposing his plan to extend tax
7:51 pm
cuts for the middle class but not the richest americans. >> i am urging the leaders of the other party to stop holding middle class tax cuts hostage and extend this relief to family immediately. >> shepard: some moderate democrats want to extend all tax cuts. they say it's a bad idea to raise anybody's taxes in this economy. the leader to oversee the leader of a consumer protection bureau. elizabeth warren a harvard professor who spent the past couple of years leading the panel which oversees the handling of bank bailouts. now she is in charge with investigating up office with vast powers to enforce lending. mike emanuel is at the white house tonight. this consumer protection bureau, what's it all about. >> essentially, shep, giving the american public an idea what the fine print has to say. the bureau would have the power to write and enforce rules for credit cards, mortgages, and
7:52 pm
other types of loans. protecting americans from lending abuses, also clarifying paperwork and fees associated with those loans. here is what the woman who is charged with setting it up says it's all about. >> i hope what we're going to do is help them understand what they're about. get products that people can see, they can read them. they can understand for themselves. they can exercise their own personal responsibility and we can make those markets work. >> her concern is people who sign up for a credit card or loans and then all of a sudden the fees jump up. she is going to try to clarify that needless to say some of the banks are a little nervous, shep. >> shepard: we should note the president named her to overseat creation of this panel but did not name her as a permanent director there is a political reason for that. >> no question about that she would have to go through senate confirmation if she were the permits person in charge of this bureau that could be very bruising it also could be delayed for a great period of
7:53 pm
time. she would not be able to work on setting this up bureau. she would not be able to speak about it and so for those reasons she says she is in the perfect job for her, shep. >> shepard: mike emanuel live on the north lawn tonight. mike, thank you. first the problem with texting and driving. now a bus driver in portland, oregon, accused of reading an electronic book behind the wheel. and, of course, there is video. a passenger says the driver took an ereader out of his bag and set it right up there on the dashboard. we're told this happened on an interstate highway. local television reports the bus company put the driver on administrative leave and that now it's investigating. a trio of hurricanes still on the move. one creating a big mess for mexico. another threatening bermuda and third one right behind them. now the u.s. could soon feel an impact for hundreds of miles. a report from the fox extreme weather center. that's next. brbride ] the wedding was just days away.
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>> shepard: three big storms still on the move. our chief meteorologist is tracking them all from the weather center. sounds like some changes. >> a little bit. hurricane karl. downgraded to a tropical storm. it's over land and all of the moisture rung out over the very high mountains. that means some areas are going to see 15 to 20 inches of rain. mud slides and flooding. some of that moisture moving into south texas well. some areas 7 to 8 inches of rain as well that means flooding as well. this is igor, the gigantic storm we have been talking about all week long. that right there is julia. not an issue for anybody. igor an issue for bermuda as we move forward in the next 24 to 36 hours. weakened down to 105 mile-per-hour storm. probably strengthened going through i wall replacement, shepard. there you go right there is bermuda. you see where that line goes. that's right about sunday evening at its closest point and a big strong hurricane headed there. it's a very dangerous weekend in
7:58 pm
bermuda. shepard, all of the swells from this storm moving toward the eastern seaboard. very rough surf from florida up to maine. >> shepard: thanks. now those storms we were telling you about last night here that left a 14-mile path of debris through sections of new york city, killed one woman. it's been 50 years since we have seen storms like, this or at least many of them. the national weather service still trying to figure out whether it was for sure a tornado but the locals say it was. city officials investigating reports that the storm damaged 60 buildings. the park's commissioner estimates more than a thousand tree destroyed. crews working around the clock to restore power to thousands. only eight tornadoes have hit in or around new york city since 1950. updating some of fox top stories tonight a scientist who used to work at loss al mows national laboratory and his wife charged with trying to help venezuela build a nuclear bomb. the scientist says he only passed along nonclassified
7:59 pm
information. pope benedict sticking to his question in great britain after police there arrested six men in what they are calling a possible terror plot targeting the pope. and family members are now saying the hiker just released from jail in iran will hold a news conference monday here in new york. iran's president will also be in town for the united nations general assembly. and on this day in 1920, the owners of 11 professional football teams got together in canton, ohio, and formed what would later become the national football league. at the time, pro football was nowhere near as big as it is now. and certainly didn't have this great music. in those days baseball was king and, perhaps, as a reflection of that fact the meeting didn't take place in some hallowed field or some famous locker room. instead, the men met in the showroom of an auto dealership. what the league did have was star power. jim thorpe who at the time was considered the world's greatest athlete. one week later the first game took place and these days


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